Wednesday, April 17, 2013

420 - 427 Fun Things to Do!

420 - Go for a walk in your neighborhood looking for signs of Spring.  I have found daffodils, hyacinths, pansies, tulips, forsythia, snow drops, and even some flowers I could not identify.  It's fun to see how yards progress from Spring into Summer.

421 - Learn to recognize bird songs.  I recently found an app that has recordings of most of the birds of North America.  It is enchanting!  iBird Yard is the name of the app.  So far I know two for sure, but I'm working on more.

422 - Contact a favorite teacher from your past and let them know how you're doing and how much they meant to you.

423 - Keep a garden journal.  You can record what you plant, sunny/shady areas, soil content, what plants are doing well, when you fertilize, and even what you think about when you are watering, weeding, or just enjoying your garden.  In the Winter, you can plan your garden in the journal.

424 - Watch a TV marathon of a series of shows you enjoy.  Snacks can be included.

425 - Create a gift basket for a special occasion.  You can start with a big basket and find some cellophane and ribbon at a craft store.  There can be a theme for your basket, or you can include miscellaneous items.  When it is done, it will be a magnificent present you will be proud to deliver!

426 - Save coins to cash in for a special occasion.  One time my friend Mary-Anne wanted me to be in her wedding.  The problem was that she lived in Minnesota and I didn't think I could afford the trip.   I counted all my quarters and had just enough for a round trip ticket!  Otherwise, I would not have been able to go.  Since then, I very rarely give exact change, and save my coins for future fun use.

427 - Write a letter to the Editor of your local paper or to a magazine.  These days with email, it's easy to do and you can release your opinions somewhere where they'll be shared with more than just your family and friends.  

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