Wednesday, April 3, 2013

417 - 419 Fun Things to Do!

417 - Keep an eye on your digital clocks and watches to see the time 11:11.  It is a universally accepted symbol of good luck and synchronicity to notice 11:11.  If you do a keyword search on "11:11 groups", you will find that there are many groups devoted to its symbolism.  I'm not in any group, but I do feel a little extra sense of things being right in the world when I accidentally spot a digital 11:11.

418 - Go to a film festival.  This is where you will get a chance to see a lot of independent movies that will most likely not ever show up on your TV or in a movie theater.  Most independent film makers have passion, vision, and often very wild imaginations.

419 - Make a list of sounds that intrigue, comfort, or happify you.  Here's my list:
  1. the glug glug of a water cooler in operation
  2. a baby giggling
  3. church bells
  4. squeaky tennis shoes
  5. Canada geese flying and honking
  6. the pop of a champagne cork
  7. tea kettle whistling
  8. anyone humming, especially a child
  9. crows - caw caw CAW
  10. running your fingers through a bowl of beads
  11. train going by -- especially the whistle
  12. semi-truck honking on request
  13. embroidery needle going through fabric
  14. bubble gum popping
  15. duck quacking
  16. kids laughing
  17. fountain pen writing on paper
  18. flag flapping in the breeze
  19. waves on the sand
  20. an owl -- hooty hoo hoo hoo
  21. popcorn popping
  22. the sound of a door opening when someone you love comes home
  23. wind chimes
  24. baby burping
  25. high wind in the trees

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