Tuesday, May 7, 2013

428 - 433 Fun Things to Do!

428 - Join a walk for a charitable cause.  On Sunday, I walked with over 300 people to raise money and awareness for the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank.  It was invigorating, companionable, and fun!

429 - Read a story to a child or children.  This is one of the very best ways to spend amazing time with a child.  You will know you have hit the jackpot if the child offers to read a story to you!

430 - Bake a celebratory cake for someone when it's not their birthday.  Perhaps they got a promotion, achieved an important goal, or did a wonderful act of kindness.  My father does not appreciate having his birthday celebrated, so he would only agree to come over for dinner if I did not have a birthday cake.  I did have one, but on the top it said, "This is Not a Cake".

431 - Send postcards for no apparent reason.  These can be fun postcards you bought, or even ones you have made.

432 - Have a hot fudge sundae for lunch.  You can substitute any other outrageous treat that strikes your fancy.

433 - For someone's birthday, make fun buttons with a birthday greeting and their name.  Then distribute them to as many people as possible so the birthday celebrant can see them at various places all day long.  You can get blank buttons at your local craft store.

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