Friday, March 8, 2013

407 - 411 Fun Things to Do!

407 - Try using handmade soap.  I recently started enjoying the pleasures of soap that is made by hand.  It lasts a really long time, feels really terrific, and the scents are quite appealing.

408 - Pick a lucky number for yourself.  Many years ago, I picked 24 to be my lucky number because my Dad's, son's, and my birthdays are all on the 24th.  I even got engaged on a 24th.  Every month when the 24th rolls around, I claim it to be my lucky day and expect that good things will happen to me all day long, which always seems to be the case!  Anything that involves the number 24 feels good and happy for me.  I even put 24 on my automobile license plate.

409 - Do a bird count on a hiking trail, in a field, or even at your backyard feeder.  You can get more specific information and record your findings at

410 - When you see a photograph of someone famous taken in front of one of their bookcases, try to read some of the titles of the books.  What a person reads is usually very interesting and reflects their interests and personality.

411 - Wrap a present for yourself and save it to celebrate a special occasion or for when you are feeling a little low.  I have two presents wrapped and waiting.  It's been a while since I wrapped them, so they will be surprises when I open them, which makes it even more fun.

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