Monday, March 18, 2013

412 - 416 Fun Things to Do!

412 - Pose your special baby with a fun stuffed toy.  What could be better than a friendly sock monkey?

413 -  When you've read an amazing book, spread the word far and wide.  I have been known to buy multiple copies of favorite books to give to family and friends.  I even made a long list of good books for a friend who was having health problems.

414 - Instead of collecting tangible items, take photographs of them instead.  When I was working at Borders Books and Music, I met a man who collected books on collectibles.  He said he didn't have room for a lot of collections, so he bought the books instead.

415 - Make a caring telephone list so you remember to call the people in your world who could use a little attention and affection for whatever reason.  I keep my caring list by the phone in my kitchen so I see it readily.  I'm not perfect about calling, but my list helps me a lot.

416 - Take a survey of your own choosing.  I like to ask people what they like to do for fun.  People like to talk about fun, so that question often opens up very interesting conversations.  I am also interested in people's sleep patterns -- when they go to bed and when they get up, etc.  If you're ever at a party where you don't know very many people, asking a few questions is a great way to break the ice.

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