Wednesday, April 25, 2012

338 - 343 Fun Things to Do!

338 - Make and eat weird sandwiches!  This is my olive and cream cheese sandwich on pumpernickel bread.  It is a tasty delight that I have been eating for years and years.  I use 1/3 less fat cream cheese and large olives.  My daughter, Maribeth, has a penchant for peanut butter, honey, and Nacho Cheese Doritos or baloney, mayonnaise, and Frito sandwiches.  Dyan, my daughter-in-law, fixes grilled cheese with jelly sandwiches for my grandsons, Nate and Andrew.  What kind of unusual sandwiches do you like?

339 - Have a reading festival!  Plan a day when you can read for pleasure for most of the day.  You can read in your living room, plan a trip to the library, read on a bench at a local park, or grab your book/s and go to a cafe.  Plan a meal for one, accompanied by your favorite book.  One time my friend, Sally, and I just spent an evening reading together.  It was very companionable -- free and wonderful fun!  Turn off your TV for the day and dive into your books.  I have a bumper sticker that says "Fight Prime Time, Read a Book" and I have it on my TV for a friendly reminder to myself.

340 - Look through a kaleidoscope.  There are all kinds, and if you don't have one, I am sure there is a store in your town that carries them -- browsing doesn't cost anything, and you can be in the wondrous world of kaleidoscopes for a while.

341 - Make a kaleidoscope!  You can start with a cardboard paper towel tube.  There are many sites on the internet that can show you how -- here is one  I took stained glass lessons once, and made five kaleidoscopes for my family.  I collected bits and pieces of things from their lives, like little stones from their garden, parts of old jewelry, birthstones, glass from a broken window, etc. and gave them lists of what was inside each of their kaleidoscopes.

342 - Move things around in your house to get a new atmosphere for your home.  Moving furniture is an obvious way to make your house look different, but you can also move knickknacks, artwork, books, and curtains.

343 - Change your living room and dining room to reflect the seasons.  You can hang lighter curtains for the Spring and Summer, and put out different pillows, mirrors -- whatever suits your seasonal fancy!

Please feel free to add suggestions or comments below.


  1. oh how that sandwich made me smile:)

    1. After I make my olive and cream cheese sandwich, I always have to take a bite right away because I can't even wait to get it to the table! And I know I am smiling then!