Sunday, April 15, 2012

17 - 23 Gratitude for Tea!

17 - One of the best things in my life is my love of tea. I know that a cup of tea will always be relaxing and rejuvenating.

18 - I especially appreciate the Rose tea that is available at my favorite coffee shop, Angel Falls at Highland Square. Sometimes when I write in my journal, a cup of Rose tea is perfect. I buy it there and bring it home for special occasions.

19 - I have a collection of mugs that suits my every mood. There are mugs from vacations, two "Life is Good" mugs that are very cheerful, and one with a heart one it that I used when I was taking my Certified Zentangle Teacher training. I even have a mug that says "Confidence" on it that I use sometimes during conference phone sessions or on other phone calls. I own one giant mug that I created at a "Paint Your Own Pottery" place. It's the ugliest mug in existence in this Universe, but I made it at the same time one of my grandsons was making a project, so I have really happy memories with it. (The vase that Nate made turned out great!)

20 - Once in a while, I will put out a favorite mug beside my journal on the night before as a sort of an act of kindness for myself. It's a great way to start my day when I come into the kitchen in the morning.

21 - Having a cup of tea with someone is always a companionable way to have a conversation.

22 - It took a lot of years for me to step past ordinary teas into more adventuresome flavors. My very favorite is Blackberry Sage from Republic of Teas. I even carry a few bags with me for times when hot water might be available, but only average tea bags.

23 - When I really want to go wild, I either make a pot of tea, which is a fun accompaniment to any project, or order one at a coffee shop. There is something luxurious about having a whole pot of tea to share, or to have all to myself!

23 - A nice cup of tea can either energize me or relax me, depending on the type I choose. I try not to drink very much soda pop, so iced or hot tea are great alternatives for me.

Hooray for tea!


  1. tealicious:)
    thanks for the sweet share,

  2. I recently had a friend over and offered him a cup of tea. I poured the filtered water and proceeded to nuke it. He immediately admonished me. I guess I should've known better, having spent some time in's just not right nuked! So I filled up my chile pepper red teapot with fresh cold water and did it right...nevermind that I had to wait for the kettle to boil, whistle, let the tea steep five minutes, add the honey and FRESH lemon...lemme tell you, it was something about adding that extra tlc, that exta time, rather than forcing it in the microwave, that really fulfilled the meaning of having a cup of was ART, I tell you, and just the process of brewing the tea was relaxing in itself. P.S. It was Wild Berry Zinger.

  3. And by the way, speaking of tea, I wonder if any one else's mother would make a 'tea poultice'? Growing up, coming in the house with a skinned knee or elbow from a bicycle wreck, Mom would put on the kettle, go out into the garden and grab some chamomile or peppermint or who knows what and steep it in boiling water, wrapping it up in a cloth tea bag and letting the whatever-it-is soak the wound and draw the infection. Tea heals, thanks to Mama....