Monday, September 19, 2011

231 - 232 Fun Things to Do!

231 - Make a foamie house -- with a child, or by yourself! Usually foamie houses come with lots of little pieces, and no directions except a couple of pictures, so they can be a little challenging. Where's the fun in that, you might ask. The big fun comes when you finally figure out what odd part goes where, and the house is finally standing on it's own, ready to decorate with foam stickers, and foam pieces that need to be glued on! Here are our grandsons, Nate and Andrew, with our triumphant Happy Halloween House. There was another fun part -- the house was on sale half price! Hooray!

231 - Do bunny ears behind someone's head when they're getting their picture taken! If you look closely in this picture, Andrew (on the right) is doing bunny ears behind Nate's head, and his own head, too. If you even more closely, you will see that Nate is doing bunny ears behind the Halloween house!

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