Monday, September 19, 2011

220 - 230 Fun Things to Do!

220 - Ride on a ferry to an island! My friends, Linda, Rose, Kathy and I (foreground to background) took a ferry to Kelley's Island recently as the beginning of a day long adventure we will never forget.

221 - Buzz around on a golf cart that is not on a golf course. On Kelley's Island, there seemed to be more golf carts than cars, and it was a slow and friendly way to tour the island.

223 - Go to a winery for a tasting. It's fun to have a little sip of different kinds of wines. I bought a bottle of Shiraz at Mon Ami Winery on Catawba Island for my Dad and had to be sure it would be good enough for his refined tastes!

224 - Get a glimpse into a stranger's wedding. We got to see three different weddings in various stages. Of course, the most exciting thing is spotting the beautiful bride. We even got to see the bride and groom posing for pictures. It's even fun to be driving down the street and see a wedding party coming out of a church.

225 - Try something you think is impossible! What's the worst that could happen? You might not achieve it exactly the way you might have hoped, but I bet you would learn some interesting things along the way! And if you did do your impossible goal -- that would be a hoot and a holler, wouldn't it?

226 - Write something that is bothering you on the bottom of your shoe and then stomp your foot! Thanks to Lizzie for this great idea!

227 - Take photographs of your shoes. Your shoes have a lot of memories in them, and in ten years, you won't have them any more. I bet it would be interesting to look back at that pair of shoes you wore to your brother's wedding, for an important job interview, or when you proposed to your girlfriend!

228 - Take a spontaneous road trip! Plan an afternoon or a day and take off by yourself, or with friends, and explore some new territory. I know someone who loves to take off in his car and just meander around for a couple of hours, making turns here and there, with no destination in mind. He loves to see where he will end up. Then he uses a map to find his way back home.

229 - Photograph a flower when it is not at it's peak! Sunflowers are always fascinating to me, in all their stages of development. This one is the sunflower stalk that the deer left alone, so it is very precious to me.

230 - Take pictures of your garden every year. Even though the deer ate the main stalks of every single plant in my sunflower garden except one, the remnants of the plants they left sprouted sunflowers! Here is my miracle sunflower garden - 2011!

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