Friday, April 1, 2011

122 - Complete a Writing Challenge

Recently I have been doing my journaling on For the third month in a row, I have taken on the challenge of writing every single day. My writing is completely private, but by the count of my words, I have earned all kinds of fun badges. I don't do any formal kind of journaling -- I just let the words fall where they may. As of today, I have written 94 days in a row. When I hit 100 days, I will get a whole new and different badge! When I hit 100,000 words, there's another badge waiting for me. I have been journaling since 1992, and this is the longest streak I have ever achieved and the most fun with writing I have ever had. Hooray!

You don't have to have someone else set up writing challenges for you. If you are interested in poetry, you can challenge yourself to write a poem a week. If you love to do research, you can challenge yourself to write about a topic that has always intrigued you. If you have friends that enjoy writing, you can challenge each other. Devise any challenge that seems interesting to you. Writing is such an incredible force -- you can harness it for your own benefit and the benefit of others and have fun at the same time.

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