Thursday, December 30, 2010

WRAP November Road Trip!

My friend Jean and I just drove into Vermont from Ohio on our way to a "WRAP Wellness Retreat" in New Hampshire. WRAP is Wellness Recovery Action Plan. We are both Advanced Level Facilitators looking forward to a great week of all kinds of workshops and getting to know people in that "family" kind of way that happens when you are all together for wonderful purposes!

As Jean and I drove through the magnificent fall foliage, the lighting was masterful -- sometimes sunny, rarely cloudy, but a master lighting technician couldn't have done a more amazing job! Jean has a similar appreciation for nature that I do, so it was fun for us to point, say "look", or even "LOOK!!!", and then discuss the wonders we had just witnessed. The sky was performance art -- an ever changing glorious backdrop for all the beautiful trees we passed.

Luckily, we had a chance to get on some "blue highways" as we came through New York and entered Vermont. All right, I am going to tell you this -- we sang "Amazing Grace" as we crossed the state line into Vermont -- we had joked about doing it and then we just couldn't help ourselves. We had looked forward to this trip for so long that it seemed the right way to arrive in my beloved state of Vermont! As if our trip, couldn't have been any better -- right before us, around a little bend, was a glorious rainbow arching right over the road! It was wide and bright, with well-defined colors!

We spent a fun afternoon and early evening in my favorite town (second only to my home town of Akron, of course) -- the incredible Brattleboro! There's my favorite store -- Beadniks, where we made colorful bracelets. I found a great purple corduroy winter coat in the thrift store for $8.00 and Jean found some treasures there and hither and yon. We shared a delicious meal at Fire Works, and off to Dalem's Chalet to rest up before a fun week of WRAP and wellness!

I feel so blessed, I am almost embarrassed, but I live in gratitude that I am able to have these grand adventures. I believe that this week will better equip me to coordinate my own life and also in the way I facilitate, and interact with others. So I will turn that gratitude into action.

To the upstairs Rainbow Maker -- Wow and wowee! Thanks for the welcome!

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