Thursday, September 23, 2010

100 Good Things to Save the Day

Today, when I knew that I had a tough day ahead of me, I started a list of 100 good things very early in the morning. It included the beautiful morning light coming in the windows, my lucky charm bracelet, snickerdoodles (a wonderful breakfast food!), pharmacists who are so generous with their time and knowledge, my new red suede journal . . . I got to #29 before I had to jump into my day. It was fun during the day to look for other things that would have gone on the list if I had my pen and journal handy. Even though the day had challenges, it was surrounded by an intentional hunt for good things and I am sure that if they had been written down, I might have topped 200! It made me happy to know that I had a purpose for the day, and it was a cheerful mission, indeed! Hooray for 100 good things, even if they didn't all get written down!


  1. It's so easy to go through a day and not notice all the lovelies around us. I like the idea of a day being "surrounded by an intentional hunt". Thanks, Carol!