Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten Fun Things

I was talking to my friend Kathy yesterday and we were both in a Monday morning funk for various reasons. We know each other well, and in our brief conversation were able to lift each other's spirits quite a bit. But we had to cut the call short before we had a chance to really defunk ourselves completely, so I suggested that she do 10 fun things before the end of the day and report back to me. I of course figured out that the assignment would be beneficial for me, too! Here are some of the things from our funster reports.


1) I ate a Hostess Twinkie--for the first time in decades!
2) Enjoyed a very romantic comment my husband made (an extraordinarily lovely remark)
3) Stopped at a little park near home for a few minutes, just to look at clouds
4) Went for a walk (whoops! that WAS planned ahead) AND brought home a single red leaf, which I pressed.
5) Picked a couple tiny marigolds that are growing through the cracks in our carport
6) Stopped for a few minutes to listen to crickets


1) Got origami metallic paper to play with for framing
2) Tasted cheese samples at West Point Market slowly
3) Tried blueberry juice cocktail
4) Wrote in my journal for 2 pages of funky writing, then did the TURNAROUND list! hooray!
5) Talked to my dear friend Terry from Oklahoma
6) Made a collage with a Zentangle (see zentangle.com) featuring torn and cut up origami metallic paper - what fun!

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  1. It's true that fun is where you look for it. Thanks for that lovely reminder!