Wednesday, May 31, 2017

761 - 770 Fun Things to Do!

761 - Support your local sports teams.  We are lucky to live in Akron, Ohio, hometown of LeBron James.  The Cavaliers are about to enter the NBA playoffs tomorrow night.  I am a proud member of the LeBron James' Grandmothers' Fan Club and we are excited!  We have certainly had our fair of sports excitement in N.E. Ohio lately.  Last year the Indians won the American League Championship and came in second in the World Series.  And remember, the test of a true fan is one who is there through the good and the bad.  Don't forget the kids' sports -- in many ways, they are even more fun than adults' sports because you never know what to expect!

762 -  Play chess outside -- find a game with a stranger or set up your own.  

763 - Make a list of your favorite movie scenes.  Here are some of mine:

Kermit the frog singing "Rainbow Connection" in the "Muppet Movie".

Meryl Streep leading a group of singing and dancing women through the streets of her small town in "Mama Mia".

Lee Marvin singing "I Was Born Under a Wandering Star" in "Paint Your Wagon".

764 - Make up your own holiday and then celebrate it!  It might be a celebration of the last day of school, news of a promotion, the first day of Spring, or a friend or family member's visit home.  You can have balloons, crepe paper, favorite music, fun food, signs, parade, party, or even a bonfire.  It is so much fun to celebrate, why limit yourself to ordinary holidays?

765 - Go barefoot!  I know a woman who plays golf in her bare feet.  She loves the feel of all the wonderful grass under her feet -- why let it go to waste?  I bet she more fully appreciates her golf games than most people.

766 -  Dance it out!  Dance if you're happy, aggravated, feeling silly, or for no reason at all.  Dance at home alone, with friends or family, or at an entertainment center.  One thing is guaranteed -- you will feel much better after you have danced it out.  Release your self-consciousness and go for it!

767 - On an ordinary day, make a fabulous dinner!  This is especially effective if no one is expecting it!  Get out the tablecloth, vase of flowers, and perhaps some candles.  You might prepare a favorite meal or try some new recipes.  Enjoy!

768 - Finish a project you have left hanging.  I have two double windows on the second floor.  The first has been painted with lace curtains hung at the window.  There is a can of paint and some brushes sitting on the floor by the second set of windows.  It will be a personal triumph when both sets of windows are painted!

769 - Create some bracelets.  You can use elastic cord or jewelry wire with a fastener.  I like to make what I call "happy bracelets" with all kinds of beads.  The bracelets above were made by me and some other volunteers for a jewelry extravaganza fundraiser for Access, Inc., which is a shelter for women and their children when they have no place to go.  

770 -  Jump out of a plane with a parachute on your back!!  How's that for a thrilling and fun adventure?


  1. Hi! Carol Having so much fun planning the tea! Two games planned. Scattergories for Christians. Can you name a food from Bible times that starts with T?) and Name that Hymn.
    Photo booth will be so much fun.
    Add the good food and drink and plenty of laughter.

  2. .Go see an author you admire. Better still go with Carol!
    Make never ending chicken salad. It just kept getting bigger and bigger and more delicious.
    Turning an Oh No moment into an Aha moment. W.W.J.D.?
    My crew laughing and talking as they cut up mountains of fruit and veggies.Everything is funny when you work together.

  3. Just saw this, Mary Ellen!! These are great ideas! Thanks so much!