Tuesday, July 29, 2014

541 - 547 Fun Things to Do!

541 - Take a series of photographs of the sunrise.  These are some of the photos I took in Ocean City, Maryland last week.  Every morning I got up to greet the sun.  It was a terrific way to start the day.

542 - Try a week, or even a day, without TV.  You might be surprised at how much time it frees up and what other fun things you can do instead.

543 - Name your Super Powers and let them shine!  We all have things at which we excel -- kindness, lovingness, and compassion are just a few.  You could even start developing a new Super Power to your own advantage and for the benefit of other people.

544 - Take an interesting course online.  There are all kinds of courses available.  Some of them are even free and often you can go at your own speed.

545 - Get your car detailed every once in a while.  It's fun to have an interior that is spotless, just like when you first got it.  If you have an older car, a detail will revive it's spirits.  If you don't want to pay to have someone super clean the inside and/or outside of your car, grab some car cleaning supplies, paper towels, and some cotton swabs and go to town.

546 - Celebrate!  Many occasions can be happily celebrated with a lot of fun and fanfare.  Some balloons and crepe paper streamers make for a great celebratory environment, and you can make signs, have a cake, drinks, and other refreshments.  Once my Dad refused an invitation to our house to celebrate his birthday because he didn't want a lot of fuss.  I promised him it would be low key, and he agreed to come.  So I had a cake that said, THIS IS NOT A CAKE, and had the neighborhood kids come over to sing happy birthday.  He actually relaxed into it all and had a great time.  Thank heavens!

547 - Honor a memory in a tangible way.  Once, when I was having a rough time, my friend, Sally, told me, "Carol, you exist in a purple globe of love!".  That was absolutely the most spirit lifting thing she could have said to me.  Soon after that, I was at an arts and crafts show and saw some gorgeous purple round glass ornaments, so I got one for both of us.  It's a wonderful reminder of our friendship and the way we reach out to each other.

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