Wednesday, July 2, 2014

529 - 540 Fun Things to Do!

529 - Pick some fruit at a local farm or orchard.  This is my grandson, Nate, who recently went strawberry picking with my other grandson, Andrew, my daughter, Maribeth, and me.  We filled four buckets of strawberries on our fun expedition.  We had enough for ourselves, and to give away, too.

530 - Save your ticket stubs so you can review them whenever you want to remember the good times you have had.  This is particularly effective when you are feeling a little low.

531 - Take photographs of old buildings in your town before they get torn down.  Everyone's area changes every now and again, and having photos of buildings that were once significant in your life can be very interesting.

532 - Make a list of smells you love.  Here are some of my favorites:  old books, popcorn at a theater, Jergen's hand lotion, onions being sautéed in a pan, clothes when they first come out of a dryer; a newborn baby, Chanel #5, lemons being squeezed, the smell in the air after you have been cleaning, a homegrown rose, gasoline, and the smell of home made fudge.  What are some of your favorite smells?

533 - Write a note or love letter in invisible ink.  Then you will have the fun of explaining what they can do to read it!

534 - Buy a pair of red cowboy boots!  Wearing red cowboy boots makes any occasion special.

535 - Get a variety of fun return address labels.  This is also a very thoughtful and unusual gift.

536 - Attend Little League baseball games.  Even if you do not have a child or grandchild playing, it is really fun to watch the boys and girls as they try their best on the field.  Anything can happen!

537 - Buy a really good paper cutter.  They are not very expensive and are very handy when you need a straight cut or have a lot of paper cutting to do.  I don't know how I would exist in this world without mine.

538 - Get a pen pal.  In these days of so much electronic communication, it is fun to get a personal letter in the mail.  Getting to know someone, especially from a different culture, is a fascinating endeavor.

539 - Go to a drumming circle.  Most drum circles have extra drums and other percussion instruments if you don't have your own.  Being in a drum circle is very powerful, calming and relaxing.  There are drum circles in most communities.

540 - Participate in a murder mystery event.  This is where one or more murders take place in front of your eyes, and then you track clues to see if you can figure out who the murderer is.  Actors portray the characters in the murder mystery.  There is a fun sense of anticipation and camaraderie at these events.  There are even murder mystery games you can buy to play with your friends.


  1. Try yoga! You might find that you love it!

  2. I did try yoga, and I did love it. But I fractured my foot while doing it and now am a little apprehensive about trying it again. I will check my list to see if it's on -- thanks for the idea.