Sunday, May 27, 2012

347 - 354 Fun Things to Do!

347 - Display a collection proudly!  These hearts are so precious, not only because the heart symbol is very meaningful to me, but because they were all given to me by people I love.  This table in my living room reminds me how very blessed I am to have such wonderful family and friends.

348 - If you can't decide between two kinds of cake -- have a piece of each!  Cake was served after church recently and two of my favorites were served -- red velvet and chocolate.  I remembered how fun it was recently when I faced the same dilemma with pie, and ate two different kinds, so I felt an obligation to follow the same theory!  As far as I can recall, this is the first time in my life when I have gone wild and eaten two pieces of cake at the same time.  Hooray for decision busting happiness!

349 - Make a list of remarkable things that have been invented in your lifetime.  I have seen the onset of the general use television (and then the miracle of color TV), computers, cell phones, talking hybrid cars, organ transplants, talking automobiles, digital cameras, and more!  I wonder what is being invented now that will astonish us all?

350 - Leave a book in  random place for someone else to discover.  Check out to find out how you can join a community of generous book givers.

351 - Take photos of hotel or bed and breakfast rooms that you occupy.  This will bring back memories of your trips and the times you spent in these temporary homes.  I always take art supplies and books to read, so I have always have a great time no matter where I am.

352 - Have a favorite take-out dinner party.  Ask everyone to bring their favorite take-outs, provide some drinks, and be prepared to have an unusual, fun, and very tasty adventure.  I did this once, and 14 people brought 14 different take-outs, with no consultation with each other.  I will never forget the sight of our kitchen table full of interesting food.   This is also a wonderfully economical way to have a get-together.

353 - If you are going to donate something that has a lot of wonderful memories, take a photograph of it first.  You can even have an album full of things that have made the journey in and out of your life.  This will help you let go with a much lighter heart!

354 - Notice the wonderful sunshine art that is often shown between segments on CBS Sunday Morning News.  Sometimes I even take photographs of them because they are so delightful.  You have to really be paying attention because they flash by fast.  It is one of my goals to get a sunshine accepted by CBS -- so if you ever see me, ask how that's going.  Then maybe I will get coordinated!

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