Monday, March 12, 2012

332 -337 More Fairy Gardening Fun Things to Do!

332 – Invite a friend to come over and make fairy gardens with you. They can bring their own container, and you can make a fairy garden designing table with your extra supplies. I had accumulated so many supplies a few years ago, that I had taken over a whole bookcase in our kitchen. I invited different friends to come over and create their own fairy gardens. It was so fun to see how differently each person’s fairy garden manifested.

333 – Use making fairy gardens as a meditation. Once you have gathered your supplies, you can get totally lost in your creation. When you are done meditating, you will have a glorious prize!

334 – Make a cigar box fairy garden. I had to go into the hospital for surgery a few years ago, and I wanted to take a fairy garden with me, so I assembled it in a cigar box. It was great fun to put together and to look at, and it helped me feel more relaxed, both in the making and the viewing!

335 – Get twig furniture for your fairy garden. You can probably find darling chairs and tables at your local craft store. Miniature furniture, tiny fences, and twig arches can really add to the fairy garden effect.

336 – Write words on stones for you fairy garden. One of mine has stones that are “Believe”, “Create”, and “Laugh”. I know that fairies can read, so it makes them feel even more at home.

337 – Force branches from an about to bloom bush or tree, and use them in your fairy garden. This happened to me by accident when I put some floral foam in a dish and covered it with moss. I put a twig in to look like a tree, and for some reason, I watered the foam. Within a day or two, I had a little flowering tree blooming in my fairy garden! Oh my!

In case you need help with your fairy gardening plans, Under the Rainbow Productions is launching a fairy gardening service. A personal consultation (by phone or in person) is $10. Building one with your help is $30, and constructing one from scratch at the place of your choice is $40. Group fees for fairy garden presentations are negotiable. Contact me at

If you are already a fairy gardener, I would love to see your comments and ideas below!


  1. fairy gardens.....I love, love, LOVE this idea!
    what a delicious pot of possibility:)
    thanks for the inspire,

    1. And you gave me a present --"what a delicious pot of possibility" Thank you for the inspire -- I collect words and word combinations. Hooray! Peace and fun,