Monday, December 12, 2011

291 - 293 Fun Things to Do!

291 - Introduce your flowering friends to your real friends with a photograph! Here's Amanda, my fabulous red amaryllis for the holiday season. Amos is still in bud form, but it is fun watching him grow -- amaryllises grow so fast that you if you leave the house, when you come back, there will be some exciting progress made in your absence. My previous amaryllis was Amy and she gave us nine blossoms!

292 - Create art journal entries. You can add little doodles and pictures to your journal entries that pertain to the topic or not. It's fun to also add some color and texture with different art materials. One year I kept a collage journal. In the evenings, I would paste in tickets, images, and things of interest from the day, and the next morning I would write around everything. It was fun and the most interesting and lively journal I ever kept.

293 - Have a word of the day exchange with a friend by email. You can send the word with or without an explanation and with a response being optional.

Thanks to Janet from for these last two terrific ideas!

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