Monday, December 12, 2011

290 - Another Fun Thing to Do!

290 – Name your teams! I realized recently, as my dentist was carefully adjusting my new front tooth, that I have many teams that help keep me up and running.

1. The family team – always loving me, having fun with me, around for all the holidays, steady in adversity, the best team ever!

2. The friendship team – wow and wowee! what a magnificent group of all different kinds of people! Fun, serious, silly, loving, some are even very carefully chosen family.

3. The church team – what would I do in this life without my amazing church family at Unity Chapel of Light? The first time I attended, I knew I had found my spiritual home! Hooray!

4. The plumbing team – bless the plumbers who do maintenance around our house and sometimes rescue us during emergencies!

5. The electrician’s team – what would we do without light? Thank you to all the electricians, who have helped keep us in the light over the years, and safe, too!

6. The yard team — it is such a relief to know that this wonderful group descends on our yard during the Spring, Summer, and Fall, to keep it well groomed, while I get to do the fun gardening and flowers part!

7. The postal team — through rain, snow, and sleet they come with our packages and mail! Our regular mail carrier is cheerful and fun, and we are grateful for his substitutes, too!

8. The retail team – what would we be without the places we go to get the things we need like food, clothes, office supplies (I would be bereft without office supplies!), home maintenance needs, etc.?

9. The online team — my ability to do keyword searches and emails! and everything else! and all the wonderful blogs and websites that help keep me up and running. Yippee!

10. The automotive team — thank heavens there are people who know about the mechanics of car engines! I would have to buy a new car every six months if I were in charge of repairing my own car. And when you find an honest and reasonable mechanic — hallejuah!

11. The dental team — thank you for the teeth that you have kept presentable and operational. To all the dental assistants, hygienists, dentists, oral surgeons — I extend deep gratitude for your care.

12. The health team — for all the years, since birth, of tests, operations, check-ups, eye-exams, conversations, prescriptions, encouragement — I wouldn’t have made it this far without you!

I have just mentioned a few of the teams that are such essential parts of my life. Just thinking of them is amazing to me. I bet you have lots of teams, too!

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