Tuesday, October 25, 2011

247 - 252 Fun Things to Do!

247 - Keep your eyes on the sky! The other day I was heading into a local library to teach a Zentangle class when I looked up and saw a big Z formed by clouds in the sky. I knew that I meant I was going to have a great time, and even brought the coordinating librarian out to take a look. I think it is amazing that no matter what is going on in our lives, we often have the beauty of the sky, which is often like free performance art!

248 - Read Dr. Seuss books out loud very loud, with an audience or not! Dr. Seuss books are not just for children and can cheer up anyone, any time. This is especially effective if you are alone and can just let loose. If you don't have any Dr. Seuss books, the library has plenty to share with you.

249 - Have a little silliness in your environment. I got my flamingo with sunglasses at a very high end art show. I was not distracted by the more serious art, because I knew when I saw this, that she would brighten my world. Dare I tell you that parts of her glow in the dark?

250 - Wake up to music. I have been listening to a boring alarm for many years, when I recently remembered that the alarm also has a music feature. Now I wake in a much more friendly way and feel a lot more motivated to get into my morning routine. You can have a gentle classical music wake up or burst out of bed dancing to some rock and roll or electronica -- whatever you like!

251 - Decorate your envelope when you write a letter. There are artists who really go to extravagant lengths to send out amazing envelopes. Magazines even sponsor contests for art envelopes. You can use stamps, stickers, drawings, words -- whatever you like to create a little buzz for your envelope as it makes it's way from your location onward.

252 - Send postcards for no reason. My friend Martha likes to send art post cards every now and again. It's fun to see one appear in the midst of my regular mail with her friendly note. Thank you, Martha!

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