Sunday, October 9, 2011

236 - 240 Fun Things to Do!

236 - Take a hike with a child or children. I recently took a rambunctious hike with Andrew and Nate, my two lively grandsons, and hiking will never be the same for me again! My daughter, Maribeth, thought of a scavenger hunt for them, which made observing things along the trail even fun. She even had a backpack filled with snacks and drinks. Everything is better when viewed through the eyes of a child. If you don't have a child handy, perhaps you could borrow a friends' or a neighbors' child -- if you like hiking, you will like it even better in the company of a kid or kids!

237 - Go to the movies where all you know is the title and a vague recollection that it is a good movie.

238 - Dance in the shower! My friend Christine happily reported this idea and being a fun tester, I am here to report that it is hilarious and energizing! If you need to watch your balance, I would suggest hanging onto something with one hand though!

239 - Take your shower with your eyes closed. This is a fun way to really appreciate the feeling of the water spraying down on your and all the soapy motions. Again, hold on to something if you lose your balance easily.

240 - Take pictures of people in a silly cutout. I never miss an opportunity to take advantage of painted cutouts -- the resulting pictures are always terrific. Andrew is on the left, Maribeth - center, and Nate is on the right.

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