Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lists Make Me Happy

Haven't gotten the hang of posting regularly here, as you can tell! I was reading where someone had written about "agonizing 'to do' lists" and I was thinking about how my lists are my salvation. When I am feeling out of sorts, disorganized, and even slightly hopeless -- I know I will start to get back on track once I get a list made. I like to color code my lists, or make several for different topics, and I very rarely date them so I don't feel that day's end pressure. Oh how I love to cross things out on my lists! My sister Barbara used to write things on her list she had already done, just so she could have the joy of crossing things out immediately!

Sometimes if I am feeling way too serious about what I have to get done, I draw my lists with colored markers on cardstock -- dry cleaners, dress; grocery store, fruits; hair appointment, head -- and so forth. It's fun to do and then I put it out the night before and have a good laugh in the morning.

I also find that if I am writing in my journal and a list just spontaneously starts to happen, I have struck gold! That list is a call to action for me and enumerates my next steps, often things that were not in my conscious mind.

So lists are never agonizing to me -- it's when I don't make them that I feel agonized!

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